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Are you a lover of thrills & outdoor activities?

Base jumping is a derivative of skydiving and can offer extreme sensations. Wingsuit flying can also offer you the sensations you are looking for. There are many activities of the same kind that you have to discover for yourself.

Adventurous, courageous and innovative, you will find plenty of thrills in these activities; all kinds of leisure activities to help you have a good time with your family, friends or as a couple.

This type of activity is not for everyone. Indeed, there are recommendations and details to know. Initially, if you have heart disease, this type of activity will not be accessible to you.


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Discover all the latest
decoration trends!

Ranging from pure style to minimalist fashion, decorating trends favour the timeless. Weighted compositions are less and less popular. Everyone has their own preferences. The aim is to adapt the decoration of your home to the current trends. The choice depends on the targeted personalisation. More information on


Fashion: 4 trends to follow

For the new season, renew your wardrobe by selecting trendy clothes like those available at IRO PARIS for instance. Whether for the bottom or the top, don’t neglect any detail to be timeless and at the top all year round. Also discover the fashionable devices to enhance your outfits.

Seventies heels

Shoes with imposing heels, round-heeled boots, leather moccasins, python boots... The seventies are everywhere.

Long skirt

Lengthening the silhouette, long skirts wonderfully conceal small imperfections of the lower body.

Flare jeans

Wear with a blazer, a white shirt combo or a Parisian style, flare jeans remain very trendy.

Short suit

Coming back in force after several years, the short suit can be worn in several ways.



Food trends not to be missed!

Food trends evolve over time. On the drinks and spirits side, there is glitter wine. This is a must for special occasions, professional festive events and private parties. Fermented iced teas, including kombucha, have also become trendy staples.

As the best ally of organic food lovers, organic wine has gained in popularity in recent years. It is produced without chemicals or pesticides.

Coffee-based cocktails, whether alcoholic or not, are also gaining in popularity. For desserts, hummus has quickly become more popular with cream cheese. It can be found in several recipes.


Treat yourself with a
trendy gift!

There is a wide choice of trendy gifts: connected objects, high-tech appliances, floor lamps, DIY compositions, fashion vs sexy underwear…It all depends on the preferences of each beneficiary and the budget to be allocated. Personalised and unique items are now more popular.