At what age can my children safely start go-karting?

Many children ask their parents to go go-karting. At what age is this activity possible? This is the question that many parents ask themselves when faced with their child’s insistence. For older children who are still minors, the parents’ consent…

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Escape Game: the reasons for success with young and old alike

Born in Japan in 2007, the Escacpe Game is now a very popular activity in France. The principle: solve an enigma by being locked in a room and manage to escape within an hour. But among all the attractions, why…

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What is geocaching?

Historically, geocaching began around the year 2000, and enthusiasts of electronic games, young people, adults equipped with mobile phones or computers with advanced and sophisticated systems were immediately charmed by geocaching. But what exactly does geocaching mean? An authentic leisure…

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Zoom in on a successful leisure activity: tree climbing!

Thanks to a succession of perilous and acrobatic passages, which connect several platforms fixed on a tree, a course can be created. Such an activity allows for a variety of pleasures by offering a multitude of possibilities for the actions…

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