How to make a unisex baby room?

Girl or boy? Perhaps you are one of those who have chosen not to know and prefer to surprise yourself on D-day. So don't worry about her room. Just imagine a soothing atmosphere for baby, suitable for both a little girl and a little boy. Here are our tips and a few examples to help you!

Neutral tones

White, pearl grey, beige, taupe... Here is a selection of neutral and light colours for a unisex baby's room. So you can start your baby's room layout in these tones. And to warm up an atmosphere of sober tones, think about adding some pretty cushions, plush and, ideally, a soft carpet. Very trendy, pale greens are just as popular in girls' and boys' bedrooms. Elegant, refreshing and warm at the same time, this tonality can be combined with many colours (white, black, taupe, yellow, blue, pale pink or powdered) and natural materials such as wood, has indeed something to seduce everyone - including the parents of the future wonder, who might just as well want it in their room.

Dare to be colourful

For a unisex baby's room, we have a crush for this pretty round carpet with multicoloured balls which is intended to brighten up and energise the decoration of any children's room, in keeping with the scarlet bed linen. Just like a multicoloured carpet, the mix of colours creates an atmosphere without connotations. But what about the patterns? As you can see in this pretty room, a juxtaposition of non-figurative geometric patterns produces the same effect. On the basis of neutral decoration and patterns, which can be suitable for both sexes, a cosy character can be added to a child's room by integrating warm textures. For example, a soft plaid or fur rug on a leather or fabric armchair.

Put your faith in animals!

Animals, small or adult, are more than adorable and have a perfect place in a baby's room. Domestic, wild or from the countryside, it's up to you to select the totem animals for your child that will accompany his growth and to decorate his bedroom with them by declining them in frames, devices or plush. To furnish a unisex baby's room without a false note, wood is a sure value. A natural unisex and ultra trendy material, wooden furniture is everywhere and is very affordable! Whether it's a crib, chest of drawers or changing table, choose a light-coloured wood, which is more suitable for a baby's room.
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