How to choose and which coats or jackets to wear when you are in H shape?

When the cold weather arrives, it is sometimes difficult to find the coat and jacket that we like and that fits us! And yet these clothes will accompany us for several months of the year. So which coats or jackets should you choose according to your figure? To help you, here is a selection of coats, jackets, blazers... adapted to your morphology in H or rectangle.

The coats and jackets to choose when you're H-shaped

Models presented above from left to right: Mango black blazer, Zara brown short jacket, Mango beige trench coat, Mango jacquard cape:
  • Trench coats with loose belt
  • Straight cut coats with the belt down to the hips or without belt.
  • Straight short jackets
  • Short coats flared cut
  • Slightly curved jackets to be left open
  • Capes
  • The jackets
  • Ball-shaped coats
  • The cabins
  • Trapezoid blazers
  • The duffle-coat
Coats and jackets to avoid for its H-shaped morphology :
  • Jackets that are too curved and mark the waist.
  • Jackets that are too wide
  • Coats tight at the waist
  • The long, straight, shapeless coats

How to dress with an H or rectangle morphology?

Now that you know which coats to choose for your H-shaped morphology, we let you discover the other clothes adapted to your well-proportioned silhouette. If you have an H shape, you have many advantages. Your silhouette is well balanced and your shoulders are structured. However, as your waist is not very pronounced, your silhouette may appear masculine. To remedy this androgynous aspect, the main objective, as you will have understood, will be to feminise your appearance. By choosing clothes that give volume to the shoulders and hips, you can create the illusion of a curved silhouette with a pronounced waist. So, to find out more about other clothes that will enhance you, visit

The other clothes for my morphology in H

What stockings?

To give volume to the hips and buttocks, it is essential to choose low waist stockings in a light and fancy colour. For skirts, choose pleated or corolla skirts as well as thick skirts. As for trousers, favour slim push up jeans and straight trousers with flap pockets that will create pretty curves to your silhouette. Find out more about stockings for my H-shape silhouette. Learn more about skirts for my H-shape silhouette. Read more about trousers for my H-shape silhouette.

Which tops?

Empire shaped tops, flowing straight tops or slightly loose knit jumpers will look great on you. Depending on your tastes and desires, you can wear your tops either with a tight belt at the hips or tucked into your jeans, trousers or low waist skirt. Find out more about tops for my H-shape silhouette.

Which dresses?

The empire waist dresses will enhance your silhouette. By being tightened just below the bust, the empire cut dress emphasises the décolleté and gives the illusion of a marked waist. You can also opt for a flowing trapezoid or wrapover dress that you accessorise with a belt positioned at hip level. Find out more about dresses for my H-shape silhouette.

Which lingerie?

For your lingerie, choose undergarments that bring femininity to the shoulders and hips, and that redesign the buttocks. Bustiers and bras with lace and thin straps are essential pieces of lingerie for a guaranteed glamorous effect. For your panties, choose them with a wide cut to enhance your legs. A tip for choosing your underwear: dare to be fancy! Find out more about lingerie for my H-shape silhouette.

Which swimwear?

Bikinis or trikinis will fit you perfectly. For 2-piece swimming costumes, choose a triangle bikini top to break up the 'rectangle' side of your silhouette and a bottom with ruffles or knots on the sides to flesh out your hips. Find out more about swimming costumes for my H-shape silhouette.

Which devices?

The belt is a wardrobe must-have. For your H-shape silhouette, the belt should be worn loose on the hips and not tight at the waist so as not to draw attention to a waist that is not very pronounced or even non-existent. In terms of jewellery, the mid-length or multi-row necklace will be perfect to enhance your décolleté. Find out more about the devices to adopt for my H-shaped silhouette.
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