The men’s coat guide: Which coat model to choose and where to buy them

The centrepiece of the men’s wardrobe, the coat is an essential item that must be chosen carefully because it will be worn every day. If you want to stay warm and elegant on cold winter days, it is essential to have a well-chosen coat collection at home. Be prepared for the cold, snow and wind, but also for those beautiful sunny autumn days with warmer temperatures, or the first few days of spring. Thanks to this guide, find out which coats you should have in your wardrobe for all weather conditions, and we give you all our advice on when to wear them and where to buy them. After reading this article, you will become an expert in coats.

Let’s start with the season’s top coats:

What is a simple cut coat?

Also known as an overcoat, the single-breasted coat is the basic coat of the men’s wardrobe. It is usually made of wool and its simple couple lengthens the silhouette. This coat was originally designed to be worn over a suit, but can also be combined with a more casual look. Check for more. You can even wear it with jeans for a chic, casual look.

The cross cut coat allows you to vary your looks. It provides more structure than an overcoat and makes a more distinctive mark on your build. Play with the lengths, fabrics and finishes for a coat that perfectly suits your style.

What is a garden shed?

The sailor’s shed, originally designed to protect sailors from various weather conditions, is now a must in the men’s wardrobe. Made from a generally navy blue woollen fabric, the pea jacket can be recognised by various details: short cut, double-buttoned, or even the iconic metal buttons. It is a very versatile piece that can be worn over a suit or jeans.

The trench coats are cut from cotton gabardine, which is much lighter but just as resistant to rain. However, we also offer the possibility to create a woolen trench coat. In addition to the fabric, the trench coat differs by its cut, which is longer and belted.

What is a Duffle Coat?

The duffle coat is like the pea jacket of the British military origins. It stands out thanks to its unique closure system of horns and cords, but also thanks to its wide hood, patch pockets and straight cut. Made from thick wool, the duffle-coat can be worn on all occasions, from the most formal to the most casual.

Unlike its cousin the pea jacket, the duffle-coat falls to the knees for maximum protection against cold and bad weather.

Quilted lining vs. duffle coat

The quilted lining provides a significant extra level of warmth on cold winter days. This lining allows you to choose the coat that best suits your style, it adapts to any model and guarantees warmth, comfort and elegance.

An unstructured coat is the masterpiece of the master tailor! Its assembly and finishes require a certain technicality reserved for the most seasoned tailors. An unlined coat brings an Italian touch to your silhouette, elegant and casual.

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