A good quality white shirt, how to spot it?

The white shirt, as everyone knows, is the model of the perfect dressing room. All shops offer them in all styles, from the simplest to the most chic. It is therefore not easy to find your way around and make the right choice. If they all look the same, you can tell yourself that you will never make a mistake. Not quite. The white shirt doesn’t forgive anything.

The price

A beautiful white shirt costs a little money. Since it is the model, it is important to put a certain amount of money into it, a minimum of 50€, without putting a fortune into it, is a guarantee of quality. We have fun with it.

The right model

It doesn’t seem like much, but choose the right model, the one that fits your size and your morphology. The general style, the shape of the collar, the cuffs, the buttoning, are essential. Saying to yourself, “it’s true that it has charm, I absolutely need it to be the most beautiful”, is a good start. If it doesn’t make you look good, it’s simply a shirt without interest for you.

Also think about the details, contrasting cuffs, buttons of another colour or cuffs, a black border… These little details reveal your personality, while giving pep to the shirt you choose.

The right material

Matter is the capital element. We mainly prefer a 100% cotton poplin, in silk or linen, which has a good fit, a collar and sufficiently rigid cuffs. The chosen outfit will make all the difference during a cleaning for example. A collar that can be positioned any way you like, it’s drama guaranteed. A thick fabric is often synonymous with quality. Fluid materials are not to be excluded, as they are becoming more and more common these days.

The finishes

A protruding thread, a button about to pop, are signs that do not really reassure you about the quality of the finish. The seams are just as important. They must not be neglected.

The right look

That’s it, I have finally found the most beautiful, the much sought-after shirt. But how do I wear it and what do I wear my white shirt with? It’s quite simple, we can afford everything, because it is suitable for various styles: business, casual, street, preppy, etc. and goes very easily with a skirt, jeans, trouser suit, a denim jacket, a trench coat of course, a dress…, the list of possibilities is vast.

It can be worn in a classic way with trousers, tied with a pencil skirt, neckline to enhance femininity, collar raised for its non-conformist side, with another patterned shirt for example, masculine with a tie, preppy with a buttoned collar, etc. What is sure, you are always at the top by adopting the shirt of all desires.

Here are a few examples, because nothing beats a visual, nothing beats a long speech.

The modern working girl that slumbers in you, masculine shirt, musketeer cuffs, houndstooth patterned skirt and your most beautiful high heels.

The woman who fully assumes her femininity, satin or silk shirt, combined with the classic pencil skirt and high heels.

Look for the woman who likes to be chic and play with a mix of styles. A retro-modern look for the modern woman.

On holiday, we play fashionista, glamorous pin-up woman, rolled up sleeves, knotted shirt, sailor shorts, to subtly reveal her sensuality. Let’s take the time of the holidays for the most famous pin-up, Marilyn Monroe. For this look, you can opt for a pair of trainers, white tennis shoes.

Where the shopper?

For a beautiful luxurious white shirt, IRO PARIS, Ralph Lauren, Hugo Boss, Zalando, see some shops specialising in shirts (Chemiseweb.com, chemise homme.com…).

Wearing the white shirt is not just for going to the office. It is also, with it, to be a contemporary woman who assumes her femininity, who likes to juggle styles, like a fashionista. It is the ideal companion in the city for a trip between girlfriends, to mark her difference, to be equal to men in the workplace.

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