How to choose leather shoes for men?

A man's wardrobe cannot do without several pairs of quality shoes. The choice of these leather shoes depends a lot on your budget. Since you've already been helped to wear sneakers properly, here are some new tips to help you find the right men shoe for your feet and perfect your look. If you want to stand out thanks to an irreproachable style, if you dream of seeing girls fall for your look, all you have to do is visit and see the models that suit you best.

The casual shoe

Relaxation admits colour and rubbed leather. Here we distinguish between two main models: - the Clark-style rubbed leather high shoe, which is comfortable, casual and timeless; - the moccasin with spikes or coloured (e.g. at Bobbies). Even in leather, this type of shoe will never go well with a top-of-the-range suit.

The dress shoe

The Richelieu can be recognised by its strict look and its lacing on the upper itself, it is the classy shoe par excellence. It can only be worn with a suit.

The versatile shoe

Some shoes can be worn with a suit as well as jeans or chino. Here are three examples: - the Derby: its lacing is done on an added piece of leather which allows a wider opening. Although it looks more casual than the Richelieu, it can still be worn with a suit. - the double buckle shoe: a model of Italian inspiration and which says Italy says elegance and casualness at the same time. It is made of leather, well cut, while remaining supple and comfortable. - the waxed leather boot: simple and effective.

Pay attention to the finishes

When choosing a shoe, look at the finishes: the stitching (Goodyear or Norwegian) and lacing are essential, as this is a guarantee of longevity or class of clothing. Depending on your budget, it is better to opt for quality rather than quantity. Choosing shoes with a multi-purpose function allows you to save money while waiting to add to your wardrobe. The best thing is to have at least 5 or 6 pairs of shoes to choose from.
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