Spotted fashion is making a comeback this autumn!

Polka-dot style is back in fashion this year. The fashion of the 1920s is once again a big hit in the dressing room. Minis or large polka dots, to be sure to be trendy in the new season, opt for the retro and glamorous spirit with a mix of different circumferences of circles.

The pieces to choose

Black, red, white or multicoloured, polka dots adapt to all your looks. For your outfit in white blouse, large black polka dots bring a touch of elegance. For a black, dark grey or navy blue wallet dress, white or multicoloured polka dots add pep to your outfit. Are you a fan of frayed jeans? Dare to wear pink or yellow polka dots for a cool and original look at the start of the new school year. Go for the leather jacket and polka dot dress ensemble for a timeless outfit. To assert your style with a mix of graphics, the trend is to dare to combine checks and polka dots. For a touch of twist at work, don't forget the classic trouser suit. This time added originality with a polka dot print, worn with a maxi pocket. You can add Matrix glasses, you have the ideal equation for polka dot fashion.

The choice of polka dots

The infinity of styles characterises polka dot fashion. In small touches or as a total look, the variances are many and varied. For a dress of the same style, the size of the polka dots can make all the difference. The background colour can distinguish one outfit from another. A polka dot of the same size and colour does not look the same on a yellow background, a black background, a red background or a white background. For a more modern style, for example, a dress with neutral coloured polka dots makes a small effect. But today's fashion is a mix of polka dots-stripes, polka dots-flowers, polka dots-graphic motifs for a stylish outfit that is both fun and elegant.

Jewellery to bring out the polka dot fashion

The choice of devices is important to be in the spotlight with polka dot fashion. The polka dot scarf, stylish shoes, or polka dot striped bags are all devices that bring out the chic style of polka dot fashion. Jewellery is not left out. The rule is to opt for simple jewellery so as not to look too overloaded. Favour simple necklaces, and if you want more style, multi-row jewellery should preferably be worn as a bracelet. For an event (wedding, christening, or party), pearls combine wonderfully with the retro spirit of polka dot dresses and bring a touch of chic to your outfit. Pearly or golden, they add sophistication to your dresses or suits for a guaranteed chic trendy effect.
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