Decorative trend: this year accessorise your home with rattan!

For a natural decoration with an exotic touch, there is nothing like the presence of rattan furniture and devices. Rattan is trendy and can be used to pleasantly decorate an interior, making it warm and friendly. Rattan is perfect for brightening up a somewhat austere living space and blends in well with other styles of decoration.

A crush for rattan

After a brief absence, rattan returns to the front line and this is not really a surprise. Rattan decoration and rattan devices have everything to seduce, because they bring a touch of softness and a touch of exoticism. This plant material can easily be combined with wood, but also with more complex materials such as steel, wrought iron, velvet, linen and others. If this year, rattan furniture and devices are trendy, you should however avoid making a complete decoration out of it, but rather arrange here and there a piece of furniture, an armchair or a few rattan objects to brighten up the room. Covering a rattan sofa with a cosy plaid or arranging one or two patterned cushions on it brings a warm touch to your living room.

Rattan for the whole house

Rattan furniture and devices can be integrated into any room of the house: an attractive headboard, storage units, wardrobes, a veranda lounge, etc. Rattan decoration is perfect. And don't forget the baskets, chests of drawers, trays, mirrors and baskets that will blend in with all the other pieces of furniture. Warm, comfortable, elegant, light and solid, rattan is the guarantee of a piece of furniture or a quality device that you won't regret, because it is an exceptional natural material. Rattan furniture comes in new shapes and designs and fits perfectly into our contemporary interiors, whatever the style. Rattan is a timeless material that allows you to create a decor and a refined atmosphere.

Rattan, this season's trend

Rattan decoration can be found everywhere in the house, from the entrance hall to the living room, the bedroom and even the kitchen, where the rattan devices are a real eye-catcher. Rattan has a remarkable comeback and all decoration brands have adopted it in their collections: table armchairs, rattan hanging chairs, lights, mirrors, etc. Rattan brings an authentic character and a touch of exoticism to any room.
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