How to wear the women’s sweatshirt?

The sweatshirt surfs the trends and can be worn to create any style on a daily basis. This vintage piece, which has long been ignored, has reinvented itself for the pleasure of those who master the right combinations. Here are all our tips to wear the sweater perfectly and without moderation!

The different models of women's sweaters

The women's sweatshirt has made a big comeback and is available in many models to perfect all looks and appeal to all women. Plain sweatshirt, coloured sweatshirt, sequined sweatshirt, printed sweatshirt, hooded sweatshirt, cropped sweatshirt for summer, lace sweatshirt, epaulette sweatshirt... the styles are infinite and can be declined at will ! The designers of for example also entertain fashionistas with trendy sweaters with an offbeat message. Whether it's warm for winter or lighter for mid-season, you can create a chic, urban, sportswear and even glamorous look with the sweater of your choice and let your imagination run wild!

A few rules to wear your sweater in style

Go for devices with a sweatshirt to break its too basic and casual side: belt for women with a marked waist and imposing jewellery. These little details should not be neglected because they make all the difference: they will brighten up and feminise your outfit. Play with the mix of materials to make your outfit more chic and dressy by favouring noble materials such as leather and quality clothing. Be careful to respect the proportions to have a silhouette at its best. If you wear a sweater that's a little loose, make sure you wear a bottom that's closer to the body, such as slim jeans, skinny jeans or a pencil skirt for example, to elegantly mark your waist. Forget about baggy trousers with a sweater. As for skirts, choose them close to the body, loose and skating above the knee to be perfect with a sweater.

Women's sweatshirt according to their morphology

It is essential to choose a woman's sweatshirt adapted to her size in order to avoid being "drowned" in her clothes, as the sweatshirt already has a more or less loose fit. If you want to conceal your curves, avoid sweatshirt materials that contain stretch or material that can be close to the body. Tall, slender women can choose a long sweater model to wear as a dress for mid-season. Worn with lace-up boots, you will be resolutely trendy and at the cutting edge of fashion! Smaller women will prefer short sweatshirts so as not to flatten their silhouette. To finish, we emphasize our assets! Round women or women with a generous bust can choose a sweater model with an open collar to let a shoulder go through delicately. Glamorous effect guaranteed! Slim or slim-breasted women choose a sweater with a round collar and emphasise their slim legs with a short skirt or skinny jeans!

Styling ideas with a women's sweater

To mix and match the sweatshirt and make it a key part of your outfit, here are a few look tips for both daytime and evening wear.

A trendy working girl look with a sweatshirt

To be comfortable at the office and have a trendy working girl look, the sweater is perfect! Wear your sweater with a shirt, raw jeans and boots. Finish with a pretty jacket for a chic and feminine look.

A glam chic outfit with a sweater

Prejudice is out! The jumper is not just a jumper that can be worn as a jumper to keep you warm when the temperature drops. It can also make you look ultra glamorous. Combine a black jumper with a flared high waist skirt or a pencil skirt in burgundy or cognac tones with pretty heeled shoes or waders. Wear a flashy or shiny clutch for maximum style in the evening.

Rock and trendy style with a sweater

For a slightly more rebellious outfit, dare to wear skinny jeans or skinny jeans with holes or wear and tear. Choose a sweater with a message or print. Finish the outfit with a perfecto or a wide denim jacket. And to walk around in style, wear trendy lace-up boots.

A sporty chic outfit with a sweater

The hoodie is already part of the ready-to-wear sportswear. The rule of fashion is to wear it in a staggered way to avoid mistakes in taste and to show off an outfit with little interest. Choose trendy boyfriend jeans, a feminine white hoodie with elaborate details and colourful trainers. Next, wear a long parka-style coat or camel trench coat, and a pretty leather bag to carry by hand or over the shoulder.
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