Leisure activities: what is involved in playing soccer?

Soccer is a form of football between two teams of five players. It is played on a grass field with a smaller round ball than football. This concept of football is very successful and a football field can be found in most cities, both indoor and outdoor fields.

Pleasure of playing soccer

In recent years, the craze for this form of football has led to the construction of many SOCCER centres. Soccer attracts many young people, beginners and experienced players, men and women of all ages and social categories. The game is played by five players on an indoor or outdoor grass field of at least 400 m². This sport has been created solely for the pleasure of being able to play football everywhere and in a friendly atmosphere. It can be played on synthetic turf and in all weathers, as there are indoor and outdoor halls. The Soccer centres are equipped with changing rooms with showers and after the effort the players can meet around a drink to discuss tactics, techniques and redo the game. Some centres have giant screens where players can watch their game again.

Soccer rules

Two teams consisting of five players with a goalkeeper compete against each other in a limited time. The ball is smaller than in classic football (the pitch is also smaller) and a referee ensures that the rules are respected, no physical contact is allowed between players. Good humour, fair play, a pleasant field for the players' feet. After five fouls, there is automatically a penalty shot. The centres organise internal and external friendly tournaments and those who wish to participate can do so.

Soccer centres in all cities

The list of SOCCER centres continues to grow, as the demand for this leisure activity is high. After a day at the office, you can get together with friends and colleagues to relax and have fun: dribbling, feints, passing, shooting and scoring... Soccer centres also offer training to improve your game, training for coaches or group training for players from the same company, for example. Everything is provided, private parking, meeting room, catering service, cafeteria, flipchart and projector to discuss the game, techniques and strategies of the teams.
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