Escape Game: the reasons for success with young and old alike

Born in Japan in 2007, the Escacpe Game is now a very popular activity in France. The principle: solve an enigma by being locked in a room and manage to escape within an hour. But among all the attractions, why does this concept appeal to people of all ages?

An immersive and fun experience

The thrill of the plot, the frustration of the villain, the joy of victory... diving into the middle of an adventure with the clock ticking only amplifies these feelings. When you participate in an Escape Game, you become part of a story you've only seen on television. That's because Escape Rooms are immersive and captivating. The rooms are well designed, visually appealing and engage most of our senses. Although the time frame is not long enough to transform your life, this experience offers a good dose of adrenaline and a boost to your ego especially when the mystery is solved.

A concept that challenges you

Every puzzle you solve is a treat for your brain. As you know, when you're in an Escape Room, you'll have to solve many different puzzles - there's nothing like a good old-fashioned puzzle to challenge your cognitive skills. And racing against the clock to complete a task creates a sense of urgency and risk. Plus, solving puzzles helps increase the production of dopamine in the brain, giving you an instant sense of satisfaction. The benefits of dopamine include improved memory, increased concentration and positive mood. Participating in an Escape Game is therefore a way of finding the right balance between entertainment and education.

An activity that strengthens team spirit

Successful escape from an Escape Room requires cooperation and teamwork. Participants need to be able to communicate effectively with each other and build on each other's skills - an opportunity to get to know team members better and build relationships in a short period of time. And when a team comes together to achieve a common goal, it not only provides a sense of satisfaction, but also strengthens the bonds. This is probably the reason why many companies opt for the Escape Game to organise a team-building event. This type of activity effectively motivates employees to work together, to develop their strengths and to remedy any weaknesses.
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