At what age can my children safely start go-karting?

Many children ask their parents to go go-karting. At what age is this activity possible? This is the question that many parents ask themselves when faced with their child's insistence. For older children who are still minors, the parents' consent is required for the licence to be issued.

Starting karting at the age of 6

Driving these little racing cars is a favourite pastime for many children, especially boys.  The question is: at what age can one start go-karting? It is important to know that a young child can start at the age of 6. To do so, he or she will have to register in a karting school recognised by the FFSA. Indeed, a young person has the possibility to take part in training sessions during the day through the "Titre de Participation National Entrainement Journée Karting". He can then take part in the club's training sessions throughout the year. Thanks to the annual training licence, he can take part in mini-karting sessions after passing the Bronze Wheel, Silver Wheel and Gold Wheel exams.

Karting between 7 and 12 years old

A child who has successfully passed the golden steering wheel can start karting competition. The junior licence is valid until the end of his 18 years, after which the car driving licence will be requested to obtain a higher level licence. From the age of 8, a child can drive a mini drag for a distance of up to 200 metres after obtaining the regional young dragster driver's licence - mountain discipline. As training progresses, the youngster gains in skill and practice. At the age of 10, he will be able to practice karting on an open road. He will be able to take part in sprint car events in the junior category after having obtained the regional participation title for land. Before taking part in so-called off-road events, this stage is important. To participate in drift and HCV events, you will have to wait until you are 16 years old.

A sport in which one evolves quickly

Starting karting at the age of 6 allows you to evolve quickly, to gain practice and experience. Obtaining the various diplomas is essential if you want to take part in official competitions. From the age of 15 it is possible to take part in assistant activities within a racing team. From the age of 16, it is possible to apply for the title of trainee race steward. From the age of 18, a young person can become a trainee, option sports steward by passing the national trainee licence, option sports steward.
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