Zoom in on a successful leisure activity: tree climbing!

Thanks to a succession of perilous and acrobatic passages, which connect several platforms fixed on a tree, a course can be created. Such an activity allows for a variety of pleasures by offering a multitude of possibilities for the actions to be done. The important thing is to set off on an adventure while being safe, with good infrastructures.

What is tree climbing?

The idea came from the means of transport that used to be used to connect two distant peaks with ropes. The aim was to reduce the distance to be covered to connect two points, as the means of transport were limited. Some people crawled on the ropes, others walked, and the most daring slipped when the infrastructure allowed it. Seeing these ingenious ideas, the adaptation of these structures in an adventure course developed to create leisure parks. An accro-branche is set up in the open air, in the forest, in the mountains or as a complement to the ski resorts for the summer. The main point being to ensure the safety of the participants against possible falls and accidents that might occur.

What are the variants of the tree climbing?

The tree climbing is done following a route at height, in a more or less acrobatic way that combines sport and leisure. It is best done in a natural environment, fixing the installations between two trees and in the open air. However, it can also be used for indoor activities and hanging from artificial supports. There are different degrees of difficulty depending on the height of the activities and the physical effort required to perform them. Between climbing and becoming a tightrope walker, liana bridge and zip line, board crossings and swivel mini-cylinders, the options are unlimited. Some activities can be accessible even for children, or even disabled people, or can be done at night.

Why is accro-branche trendy?

Branch climbing allows you to practice a physical activity while promoting environmental protection and the discovery of nature. It allows you to get rid of the stress of everyday life by going on an adventure in a well-defined setting. It requires a real physical effort which is masked by the fun side of the activity, allowing you to surpass yourself. It also contributes to the surpassing of oneself, allowing each person to overcome fear and limits. It can be practised alone, with friends or family to strengthen bonds through mutual help with fun and sporting activities. Don't forget the strong sensations it provides, to fill up with adrenaline while being safe.
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