What is geocaching?

Historically, geocaching began around the year 2000, and enthusiasts of electronic games, young people, adults equipped with mobile phones or computers with advanced and sophisticated systems were immediately charmed by geocaching. But what exactly does geocaching mean?

An authentic leisure activity

Geocaching is a game, a distraction or even a hobby using the new satellite geopositioning process that allows you to find or detect the location through areas and places in the world, with the help of a GPS, of treasures in very varied forms, called caches or geocaches. It is therefore a question of tracking caches or hidden treasures with the help of electronic tools or, more precisely, GPS-equipped smartphones. These treasures or caches have been hidden with distinctive geographical accuracy by a group of individuals known as geocachers. And in order to find the location of these caches or treasures, trails of various shapes, mysteries and secrets must be overcome and solved using GPS. Geocaching is therefore not only a hobby, but also a history, discovering panoramas, villages or mountains. In geocaching, after the discovery of caches, they must be left where they are, but a clue marking the passage of a geocaching group that has made the discovery must be left there.

The search for treasures

The search for caches generally depends on geocachers, who must be well equipped, especially with GPS. And they must also be able and willing to move to places that are not easily accessible with the ascent or descent. Geocaching is also a way for geocachers to show their intelligence by solving riddles or clues that may lead to the discovery of treasures. These caches, which are often varied according to type, must be found one by one by the players.

Type of treasure

There are several types of caches in geocaching. First there are the traditional caches, with coordinates indicating the place where the treasure is hidden, but require geocachers to sign a visitor register. The multiple caches that indicate the starting point with the route to the treasure, but follow the clues with great care so as not to miss the step to follow. Many caches are difficult to overcome such as mystery, box cache, event, earthcache, virtual cache. Others are more or less manipulable game objects such as small, normal, large caches.
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