Crochet: the trend that has marked fashion this year!

This year’s main trend, crochet clothing does not completely hide the skin, however. This transparency sometimes makes those who don’t really want to reveal underwear under a top, dress or skirt feel uncomfortable. Numerous solutions have been offered to bring…

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Trend: are you more like mini shorts or Bermuda shorts?

Are you more like mini shorts or Bermuda shorts? Here are a few tips to help you choose between the two. Nowadays, we often tend to mix shorts and Bermuda shorts. There’s a simple difference between the two terms: Bermuda…

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Spotted fashion is making a comeback this autumn!

Polka-dot style is back in fashion this year. The fashion of the 1920s is once again a big hit in the dressing room. Minis or large polka dots, to be sure to be trendy in the new season, opt for…

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How and with what to wear ultra high waist trousers?

Trends come and go, and wearing ultra-high waist trousers has become a must. This style of trousers gives you a well-balanced silhouette. The advantages of ultra high waist trousers Wearing ultra-waisted trousers has the advantage of covering the navel and…

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When jeans moms are all the rage this year!

Now the jeans moms are back. These trousers are distinguished by their high waist that covers the navel. In the 90’s they were worn by mums. Hence the name “mum”. These trousers have become popular now and are winning the hearts of women all…

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2020: the colours of the clothes we’re going to wear this autumn

Do you want to know the fashionable colours for the autumn season? If black, grey and chocolate are still timeless and timeless colours, think outside the box with the new Autumn 2020 fashion colour palette. Whatever the material, the colours…

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