Trend: are you more like mini shorts or Bermuda shorts?

Are you more like mini shorts or Bermuda shorts? Here are a few tips to help you choose between the two. Nowadays, we often tend to mix shorts and Bermuda shorts. There's a simple difference between the two terms: Bermuda shorts reach halfway up to the knees, or a little above, and shorts reach halfway up the thighs. Deciphered in this article.

Choice according to morphology

There's nothing better to lengthen your figure than wearing a mini-short if you're short. But this doesn't fit every body shape. Here's everything you need to know about body shapes. Small shorts with its stylistic derivatives are to be preferred when you're small. In this case, you should choose a model that is rather short and fitted. On the other hand it is better to avoid Bermuda shorts, shorts with lengthening and wide cuts. On the other hand, when you are tall, the advantage is necessarily to have endless legs. Enjoy such a gift from nature. Unwrap these little wonders by wearing shorts. You can opt for mini shorts or Bermuda shorts (boyfriend style or any other loose shorts). If you're rather muscular, try to feminize by combining your stockings with a fairly tight top or a slim-fitting jacket. Go for stylish devices and jewellery with high heels that will perfectly complement your shorts. No style is out of place.

Mini shorts or Bermuda shorts for all styles

Bermuda shorts are very versatile and can be worn in all styles. For a casual and casual style, you can wear them with polo shirt and trainers. You can play with all colours: from basic shades of grey, white or beige to bold and original colours such as mustard yellow, green or burgundy... In recent years, a new type of Bermuda shorts has become fashionable: the "slide" Bermuda shorts with a central strap or small drawstring. For a streat wear style, choose mini shorts or cotton fleece Bermuda shorts. Soft inside and very comfortable to wear during the summer months. Bermuda shorts are also perfect for a stylish outfit. Wear it with a shirt with boat shoes or moccasins. In short! Opt for beautiful shoes.

Men's mini-shorts or Bermuda shorts

Men's mini shorts are in vogue with a very holiday connotation. For the office, others will opt for Bermuda shorts. Styles are available in all kinds of styles. Bermuda chino shorts have also become a must-have in recent years, as they are suitable for all styles of clothing, from casual to streetwear and elegant styles.
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