2020: the colours of the clothes we’re going to wear this autumn

Do you want to know the fashionable colours for the autumn season? If black, grey and chocolate are still timeless and timeless colours, think outside the box with the new Autumn 2020 fashion colour palette. Whatever the material, the colours will be more fashionable and give a trendy look.

What colours are you looking for this fall?

Colour is a decisive factor in the choice of a garment, just like cuts and materials. Wearing the right colour will give you a healthy glow and enhance your face. The wrong shade for you can make your complexion look tired or dull. The right autumn 2020 fashion colours for you will unite you, creating harmony between your face and your clothing. It gives a natural "healthy glow" effect and your face looks more refreshed. You gain self-confidence and feel more comfortable in your clothes. If you know which shades are right for you, choosing clothes becomes much easier and safer.

Basic colours for autumn

For your autumn 2020 fashion colours, all shades of blue are presented, remaining in dark and rather wintery tones. You will be able to go for blue-grey which is called duck blue, rainy blue which becomes almost classic, and cobalt blue (or indigo) which is quite deep. It connects quite easily, you can choose a strong element of your wardrobe, for example a coat in these shades. Otherwise, blue is a combination when it comes to trousers and shoes. Inspired by military items, khaki green has been making a comeback for several seasons. You can coordinate it with beige, autumn or plum for winter. It goes well with golden devices.

Light colours for your fall 2020 style

If you like to wear dark colours in autumn, it is important to dare to use colourful accents. Devices such as bags or scarves are ideal to spice up the look and avoid the common single colour black. Cashmere pink is the perfect way to soften the look. Pink mixed with black and purple is the feminine touch to this fall look. Saffron yellow, also known as mustard, which has been around for several seasons, is essential for your autumn 2020 fashion colours, adding colour and strengthening the complexion. To get rid of black, ochre blends beautifully with cobalt blue and burgundy, giving it an elegant, preppy look. If you only had one colour for this fall, it would be tangerine. Avoid the Halloween-like combination of orange and black, and pair it with brown and ecru for a warm, invigorating look.
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