How and with what to wear ultra high waist trousers?

Trends come and go, and wearing ultra-high waist trousers has become a must. This style of trousers gives you a well-balanced silhouette.

The advantages of ultra high waist trousers

Wearing ultra-waisted trousers has the advantage of covering the navel and reaching up to the chest. This cut has many advantages for the silhouette. First of all, it marks the waist! The silhouette is thus refined because the belly is no longer visible and the legs are more slender. Secondly, this type of trousers has a sculpting effect and hides women's little flaws and underwear. Finally, the ultra high waist trousers are naturally glamorous and chic. Depending on the morphology of each person, one can choose between a wide model or a model closer to the body.

What types of ultra high waist trousers are available, how to wear them?

Whether you choose a wide and flared model or a model close to the body, these trousers allow your legs to be more elongated. For even more effect, don't hesitate to wear ultra high waist trousers with high-heeled shoes or pumps. There are many models to choose from, such as the tight-fitting model or the palazzo model. Carrot and cigarette cuts are always popular because they are feminine and elegant. For a casual look, high-waisted jeans are a must. Also, for mom jeans or skinny jeans, heels or trainers will fit perfectly. For a more dressy and refined look, opting for darts, pleated or gathered trousers makes more sense.

When to wear ultra high waist trousers?

Wearing ultra high waist trousers is suitable for all seasons. In summer, prefer flowing, vaporous trousers like the palazzo. High-heeled sandals and a t-shirt will go perfectly with them. To highlight your ankles, a 7/8 length pair of trousers is a good idea. In winter, ultra-high waist trousers should be worn in a thicker material. As for shoes, low boots are a must. But derbies, moccasins or even ballerinas are in keeping with this model. Whatever the season, style or body shape, the ultra high waist trousers are suitable for all looks and personalities. Thanks to its many advantages, these trousers are very fashionable and come in several models.
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