Crochet: the trend that has marked fashion this year!

This year's main trend, crochet clothing does not completely hide the skin, however. This transparency sometimes makes those who don't really want to reveal underwear under a top, dress or skirt feel uncomfortable. Numerous solutions have been offered to bring crochet into line with today's trends.

Crochet in all styles

One of the solutions that has allowed today's woman to adopt the trend of crochet on a daily basis and that solves the problem of transparency has been the wearing of a lining. A headband, a light dress or a tank top to put under the crochet garment avoids the transparent effect of crochet garments. Apart from a white or black piece, choosing an undergarment in a colour that is close to the skin offers comfort without any faux-pas in terms of look. This year's trend is crochet women's fashion. With a stylish look, combining various materials such as denim. A touch of denim gives an all-purpose, chic and urban look. Crochet tops or crop tops combined with denim trousers, skirts or shorts, there is nothing better to feel comfortable in a cozy and stylish product.

Crochet for a chic style

It is quite possible to wear the crochet garments in an elegant style. Choose colours such as white, beige, black or cream to match with pencil skirts or a blazer. Often combined with devices or jewellery, the crochet trend offers a guaranteed originality effect! Moreover, the trend for crochet devices is also on the rise in women's crochet fashion. Clothes, handbags, espadrilles and wedge heels shoes are all original reinventions in crochet versions of the great classics. Total look Few people still dare the total look. However, there is something for everyone in women's crochet fashion. Whether it's a neutral or multicoloured top, high waist skirt or dress, shorts, there is no shortage of outfits to get into the crochet trend. Whether you are the style to dare a total look and not be shy, or whether you are rather the discreet type to wear neutral and classic style, you can find your happiness with the crochet trend.
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