When jeans moms are all the rage this year!

Now the jeans moms are back. These trousers are distinguished by their high waist that covers the navel. In the 90's they were worn by mums. Hence the name "mum". These trousers have become popular now and are winning the hearts of women all over the world.

What are mum jeans?

Mum jeans is a popular language for high waist trousers. They are jeans for women, made from thick fabric. They have a straight cut from above the navel to the ankle. The hips are widened for a wider and longer look. Their colours are generally light blue or plain. The zip between the legs and crotch includes an exaggerated gap. Mom jeans should not be confused with boyfriend jeans. They were fashionable clothes from the 80s to 90s. In the 2000s, this type of trousers is making a comeback. They were especially popular with American women of certain ages. At that time, fashionable young people were not interested in them. In recent times, from 2010 to now, mom jeans have become the trend.

What type of woman fits the jeans mom?

Today, jeans moms appeal to a majority of women. But these trousers are not suitable for every body type. To enhance your body, you need to know what kind of clothing will look best on you. These jeans are ideal for women with a slender or athletic build. They can accentuate their curves and rebalance their silhouettes. For women with full and sensual shapes, you can choose a high waist version by adding a belt. A darker coloured jeans mom suits their constitution. You can wear it with heels. You can choose tops that enhance the volume of your silhouette.

How to wear mom jeans?

With mom jeans, you don't need much in the way of accoutrements to enhance your look. They are trousers that can be adapted to different looks. You can wear them with a blazer and derbies for an office look. For a cool outfit, they go with trainers or a pair of shoes of your preference and a white T-shirt. The refined and sophisticated look requires a combination of velvet, silk or lace shirt. And pumps will go very well with mom jeans. If you like to have a retro look, you can wear your jeans with a brand logo t-shirt or patterns. And don't forget the 80's style shoes.
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