What colours should I wear when I’m tanned?

Summer is starting, your body is already starting to take on a beautiful golden sheen thanks to the sunbathing you have done. So, in order to enhance your little golden tan, you need to focus on the colours of your clothes, in addition to rehydrating regularly. So what colours should you choose to bring out your tanned complexion?

White: a colour to choose

White is the most suitable colour to bring out the tan of your face, breasts, arms and legs. Once tanned, the natural colour will be camouflaged by the tan. In this case, you should play with the tone of your clothes when you are tanned. With its luminous and also sharp side, white clothes whether it is a T-shirt, a dress or a skirt. Colour is more eye-catching, but this tone will above all give a natural look to your tan, as it can allow you to play with the shades.

Preferred colour: black

To enhance your tan, wear black. Yes, black is a great way to play with contrasts. In fact, opting for black is the perfect way to make your outfit stand out and look elegant. Think about associating it with all sorts of key pieces! So dare to wear black as a little top with shorts, a beige skirt, a little veiled dress or a shirt dress. If you want to show off your beautiful tan and are looking for clothes when you're tanned, don't hesitate to wear your light clothes in black when going for a walk or going out with friends and family. This is certainly the colour that should fill your wardrobe for this summer.

Yellow: the colour to wear

To sublimate your tan, wearing yellow clothes would be ideal. These colourful garments do indeed make you look good and accentuate the complexion, thanks to the effect the colour evokes. This tone therefore has the power to sublimate a tan. Moreover, yellow is a warm colour, but has a lighter appearance compared to other colours such as red and orange. So if you want to enhance your beautifully golden skin and achieve your summer look by finding the right clothes when you're tanned, dare to wear clothes in this colour at all times. The vividness of yellow gives a very satisfying result with a tan so choose clothes in this colour.
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