What type of green to wear according to your skin tone?

Each season has its own trend. And every trend has its dominant colour. Fashion and colour are inseparable. Currently, green is the most dominant colour in fashion. In summer as well as in winter, it remains present.

The trend colour: green

When we talk about fashionable colour, we often think of bright colours. Red, blue and yellow come to mind. But for this season, green is taking its revenge. Wearing green is the trend of the day. First of all, green is the colour of nature. It brings freshness, ease and hope. It is also a mark of youth.

Which shade of green to choose

All colours have their nuances. But how to wear green according to your skin tone? That is the question. In general, for fair skin tones, wearing dark tones brings out the colour of your skin. So it is best to dress in colours such as bottle green, khaki green or fir green. On the other hand, if your skin is matte or dark, light green colours look good on you. You have to choose between mint, aniseed, apple or flashy green. But you also need to be daring, no matter what your skin colour is. Why not try other shades such as pastel green, hunter green, and even the patterned tropical print?

How do you wear the colour green?

Because green is a trendy colour, it can be worn everywhere. In fact, it can be worn with any other colour. You can wear green for any outfit. All it takes is a little imagination.
  • A suit with a skirt or trousers can only be worn at work or at an important interview.
  • A dark green coat for winter
  • A green shirt goes well with a jumper in the colour of your choice.
  • Put on a green sweatshirt that you can wear over jeans for a walk with friends.
  • Put on a bikini to get gilded at the beach.
  • A well-tailored dress looks good for a party and more.
But fashion devices can also be in green, such as heeled shoes, handbags, bracelets... In short, wearing green is trendy and fashionable. The colour green goes well with any complexion. It can also be combined with the different colours of your choice. It's all about daring!
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