Ideas for dressing well in spring

For women, spring rhymes with renewal. The days are getting longer and we want a bright dressing room too. It's also a crucial period: we shouldn't open ourselves up too much so as not to catch a cold, while keeping in mind that it can also be warmer during the day.

Laying on top of each other

The mid-season periods are ideal to have fun with layering. You can then think about layering thin clothes on top of warmer ones. Consider wearing a chambray or open denim blouse over a t-shirt and add a thick cardigan or trench coat.

Mixing pastels

Pastel colours also rhyme with "spring". They are soft and blend very well with each other. Think about building outfits made of pastels. The colours mint, soft pink, mimosa yellow or lilac blend very well with each other as long as they are cut with a light neutral colour such as white.

Lighting up your shoe cupboard

Buy a pair of light-coloured shoes and bring out dark colours that are too wintery. A pair of white trainers, taupe-coloured boots, nude ballerinas... Light up your outfits by putting on the light-coloured shoes first, you will see that this will immediately bring a spring look to your outfits.

Opt for bright devices

A piece of jewellery or shoes with a "touch of colour" is always a good alternative to an outfit made up of basic colours such as navy blue, grey or beige or to an outfit with jeans.

Wear your jeans jacket with a big scarf.

The little denim jacket is a real wardrobe staple. You can simply wear it with a big scarf or a cashmere stole to warm up your mid-season look.

Finally find the right jeans

Go once and for all to a jeans specialist to find the jeans you will wear for years to come. There are a lot of great brands like that specialise in jeans. Choose jeans in beautiful raw denim as explained in my article on how to choose the right jeans.

Wear a long warm waistcoat as a coat.

The oversize waistcoat can also be used as an overcoat when the days get longer. Wear with a small jumper underneath or a t-shirt and nice raw jeans as described above.

Find your kimono

The kimono shape is suitable for many shapes. It comes in a beautiful print to wear as a jacket for spring but can also be worn as a waistcoat under an oversized coat if it is still a little cold. Read my article 3 ways to wear the kimono to find the shape that suits your figure.

Dare a strong print

A printed piece is love at first sight. You have to love it at first sight and fall in love with it. Then you can easily wear it without getting tired of it. Whether it's a beautiful blouse or trousers, let yourself be tempted!

Possessing the right pair of sunglasses

Sunglasses are an important device for sunny days. Like any beautiful device, it finishes off a look beautifully. Go for a pair of stylish sunglasses, get advice from a well-chosen optician and try on as many pairs as you can to see how they look on you. Take advantage of spring to change your style a little and bring in new quality pieces that you can put back season after season.
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